book publication 2021

Medicine for Wanderlust 


One day, I decided to let the wanderer within me take the lead and followed her on an 8-week adventure along the Camino de Santiago through the northern regions of Spain and through my soul. With my belongings reduced to a (perceived) minimum, my expectations thrown overboard, and my heart wide open, I found myself on an overwhelmingly beautiful journey that taught me how to live life anew.

In the spring of 2020, I had planned to hike my second Camino, the Camino del Norte. However, like for all of us, that year completely overturned all my plans. So, I used the time to write a book that I had long wanted to write. A book about the wonderful experiences I had collected during my first big journey. It became a book about setting off and letting go, about experiencing and surpassing boundaries. A book about courage and trust. A book about fulfilling one's own dreams.


Since the book has been published it has received many kind and appreciative comments and reviews. Currently, it is only available in German. For those interested, the book can be found on Etsy.

I am seeking assistance with translating it into English.